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About Us

We at Madina Models make some of the most beautiful models of Majid al Nawabi in the world. We are based in United Kingdom and are committed to creating the most intricate and detailed 3d models of one of the most beautiful and iconic mosques in the world

Al Masjid an Nawabi.

We are very passionate about our work and all this can be seen in every model we make from amazing details, textures and lightings.

Our Excellent models are specially designed for displaying in Mosques, Museums, and Islamic Exhibitions.

In any environment our models will have the WOW factor engage with any community anywhere.

These really are a must have models for Mosques, Museums, Islamic Exhibitions!!

Madina Models image with lights

"You will be truly amazed by our models"

Night picture of Masjid al Nawabi

About Us

We spend a lot of time perfecting every little piece of each model down to lighting, moulding, and textures. You can see some of the beauty in our photographs, but to truly understand just how gorgeous our Madina Masjid models are you really need to come and see them in person.

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and want to put together the highest quality models that money can buy. Every one of our clients will be receiving a hand-made, perfectly built and proportionately sized replica of Al Masjid an-Nawabi with amazing levels of detail never seen in models as these.

Each model contains over 2,700 pieces, all expertly hand crafted and placed to ensure that you are looking at an exact replica that shows all the beauty of this majestic mosque. With over 300 high quality LED lights, you won't be disappointed by the realistic lighting of these models.

"Most Intricate Models in the World"

Click on images below to see the amazing details 


"Must have Mosques, Museums, Islamic Exhibitions"

Check out our Youtube video of Madina Model

Madina Masjid 3d Model
Night View Madina Masjid 3d Model
Minerats of Madina Masjid 3d Model
Domes of Madina Masjid 3d Model
Rear side view of Madina Masjid 3d Model
Rear view of Madina Masjid 3d Model
Sunset view of Madina Masjid 3d Model
Front view of Madina Masjid 3d Model
Fornt Quarter view of Madina Masjid 3d Model
Sunset view of roof of Madina Masjid 3d Model
Side view of Madina Masjid 3d Model

Click on images Above to see more 

New Models launching soon!!

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Mecca Model

We have been working very hard and soon will be launching our Mecca Model replicating Makkah al-Mukarramah.

Like our Madina Models we guarantee that this will also be astonishing!

Masjid Al Aqsa

Masjid al-Aqsa Model

Just like Mecca Models we are also currently working to launch models of Masjid Al Aqsa.

So make sure you keep an eye on us as these models are going to be very special and we cannot wait to launch them!

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